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Most Simple Beef Opor Recipes. Authentic Indonesia Food Recipes


Simple Beef Opor Recipes


Most Simple Beef Opor Recipes

Opor is a coconut milk sauce that is very well known throughout Indonesia, especially in the area of Central Java and West Java. This one is made from the main ingredient of chicken meat cooked with various spices, and thick coconut milk produced from coconuts. Check Out This Most Simple Beef Opor Recipes by Us.


  • 500 gram of Beef
  • 1 tsp of brown sugar, Crushed
  • 1 inch of galangal
  • 600 ml of Coconut Milk
  • 1 Bay leaf
  • 3 Cloves of Shallot
  • 4 Candlenuts
  • 3 Cloves of Garlic
  • 1/2 tsp coriander
  • 1.5 cm burnt tumeric
  • Cooking Oil
  • salt
  • 1 inch of ginger
  • 1 Orange leaf
  • pepper

Softened Seasoning

  • 3 red cayenne peppers
  • butter
  • 4 large red chillies
  • 3 cloves of shallot
  • 4 candlenut, roasted
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 tsp coriander
  • 1,5cm of tumeric, roasted
  • Cooking Oil

Preparation for Beef Opor

  1. To begin this step we will be able to prepare some of the ingredients in the recipe before this dish is cooked and processed together with herbs and other ingredients evenly. Preparation will make it easier for you to make this presentation simpler and faster. Seeing the importance of the preparation this time, you shouldn’t skip this step.
  2. The first preparation you will be able to do is to put the meat in a container and clean this dish evenly using clean water.
  3. If it is clean evenly then the next step you will be able to do is to put the meat that has been washed into the container to then remove and drain this dish.
  4. Next is to cut the meat with the shape of a box with the same size. Just put it in the container and set aside temporarily.
  5. Then after that, beat the meat using a beater evenly. This method is done so that when the meat is cooked together with other ingredients the meat easily becomes softer.
  6. Put the meat into a container or basin and set aside temporarily before you mix this dish together with other ingredients evenly.
  7. When finished, please steal the meat using lime juice evenly and give a sprinkling of salt. This method in addition to giving flavor to the meat, will always reduce the fishy smell attached to the meat. Then, please coat the meat with this material evenly.
  8. Then after that, please leave the meat for about 15 minutes until the seasonings seep into it perfectly.

Cooking Process

  1. To make this dish please prepare a stove and place the pan on top then wait for the pan to heat evenly.
  2. After that, pour the coconut milk in it and stir this dish evenly until it is mixed and evenly distributed. Then then cook the coconut milk dish until it boils and cook evenly.
  3. Then after that, do not forget to cook the coconut milk while still stirring, the goal is to make the coconut milk not broken when cooked evenly.
  4. While wait for the coconut milk to boil evenly then please prepare a frying pan and put cooking oil in it and then wait for the oil to heat up evenly.
  5. After that, put the pieces of meat in it and cook this dish until evenly cooked until all ingredients are cooked and skinned.
  6. Remove the beef when it is cooked using a drain evenly then drain the oil temporarily before you mix this dish with other ingredients.
  7. Then after that, heat the butter in a skillet. another and put the spices into it then saute this dish until cooked together with galangal. lemongrass, ginger, pepper powder and add with salt and sugar.
  8. Mix thoroughly all these ingredients until mixed and evenly distributed. Then add the stir-fried spices into the coconut milk sauce that is being cooked together with the meat.
  9. Stir it evenly and cook until this dish thickens evenly and season it using a seasoning flavoring together with sugar and salt. Then cook until thickened.

Now, after cooking done, of course you will be able to lift this dish and serve This Simple Beef Opor Recipes in a serving bowl and then you can enjoy this dish along with the rice cake that has been made.


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